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Hello and welcome to our little corner of the Internet.  This blog is intended to allow us to share stories and pictures with family and friends, near and far.  We hope you will enjoy (and excuse the occasional verbal vomit in advance).

Kevin was born and raised in central California before moving to Sacramento in 1995 where he graduated from Christian Brothers High School in 2000. He primarily played baseball and soccer growing up but decided to give up both in favor of the track once in college.

Ashley was born and raised on the Northeast side of Indianapolis and was always eager to get back to the Indy area when it came time to settle down.  Playing soccer, school work, and shenanigans consumed the majority of her time.  She graduated from Lawrence Central High School in 2003 with a core group of wonderful friends she stays close with today.

Together, we attended West Point (Classes of 2005 and 2007, respectively) and met in the fall of 2004. We married on June 2nd, just a week after Ashley's graduation (how many grey hairs did you get from that, Mom?) and moved to Fort Cambell, KY. We deployed to Afghanistan in 2008 and returned to Fort Campbell until the Spring of 2010 when we moved to Danville, IN. Ashley finished up her Regular Army commitment at Camp Atterbury, IN and Kevin ventured back into the Civilian world. In May 2011, we welcomed our son, Riley, into the world. He has been All Pro at keeping us on our toes ever since -- so much so, that in April 2012, Ashley committed to playing defense against Riley full time as a stay-at-home mom.  In August 2013, we welcomed our second kiddo, Caroline. In the Spring of 2014, Ashley found herself back in the workplace and Kevin began a promising new career.

While we loved a lot of aspects of life on the mini-farm, the expense and maintenance involved were having a negative impact on our collective quality of life.  We put our home on the market with the expectation that we could downsize and move back to suburbia -- closer to family, work,  and in an area with great schools -- and, most importantly, decrease expenses so that Ashley could once again resume the role of "stay-at-home mom." We sold our home and moved to Zionsville in December 2014.  We are incredibly happy here -- we have amazing neighbors (including Ashley's sister & brother-in-law), a great house, outstanding schools, and Ashley was able to resign and stay home with the kids again.  In October 2016, we welcomed our third -- a baby girl named Cameron.

We look forward to keeping you updated on our lives!

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