Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Country Living

Living on a farm in the country is a lot of work and sometimes can be overwhelming, but there is no place I would rather live. Not only are we excited to watch our kids grow up with space to roam around and get into trouble outside like we did as kids, but we get to share it with all sorts of wildlife. The morning after Thanksgiving, we had a flock of 5-8 wild turkeys show up in our back yard. Seriously, the morning after!  I wasn't quick enough with the camera that day but here are a few of my favorite photos that Ashley and I have taken from our home over the past few years.
Sunrise on the farm (Fall '12)
Sunset after the ice storm (Feb '11)
Hawk in flight
Two of our resident hawks 
One of the few bucks that hung around long enough for a picture
Deer are in abundance around here, we probably see them at least 10 days a month

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  1. Ha, so some turkeys escaped?! What a beautiful sunrise...and how awesome to have all of that nature surrounding you!