Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nana and Papa Visit!

My Mom and Mark came to Indiana a few weeks ago to visit. Ash and I would like to think they came to see us, but the reality is Riley was the main attraction.  It was just nice that we were here, too. Riley is at an age where he is more cautious of people that he isn't around a lot, so we weren't sure how long it would take for him to warm up to Nana and Papa. Turns out we had nothing to worry about as they were best buds again before we made it home from the airport.  It ended up being a wonderful visit that included a number of instances of Nana almost having a heart attack due to Riley's antics (yes, he is all boy and is completely fearless), many hours of playing ball, and too many books read to count.  All of these are some of Riley's favorite things to do right now so he had a blast during the visit.

Nana and Riley reading a book.
In addition to a lot of relaxing time at the house, we got to take Mom and Mark to their first Colts game versus the Dolphins at Lucas Oil Stadium.  If you know Mark, you know that he is a sports nut like the rest of us so he thoroughly enjoyed arriving to the stadium 3 hours before kick off to take part in pre-game on the field and in the club. The game was close to the end, but the Colts pulled off the victory putting them in great position to make the playoffs in Andrew Luck's rookie year. It was a great performance as he set the record for the most passing yards in a game by a rookie and I was glad Mom and Mark got to experience a raucous crowd at LOS. Thanks to Dan for assisting in getting them great seats for the game and for the pre-game on the field experience.

Mark in the South end zone.
A trip to the farm can't be all play and no work, even if you do come from California. I made good use of Mark's help while he was here to frame and paint our chicken tractor, or mobile second coop.  It's been a long time since we have done anything like that together so it was nice for the guys to get to enjoy the good weather.  Despite having to replace the wheels right away with more sturdy "off-road" tires and wasting a half gallon of paint figuring out my new paint sprayer, we were happy with the final result.  Now it's up to me to do the finish work which includes installing chicken wire, a door, and a chicken ramp for the chickens to get from the run into the coop.  Thanks for the help, Mark!

The chicken tractor.
Thanks for coming Nana and Papa. We love you!


  1. We had a great time spending the week with you guys. Nana was so happy that her Riley got to spend some great time together and Nana is not complaining about having to read the same two or three books a thousand times. Papa was delighted that Riley loved the HotWheel cars. We really enjoyed ourselves and are planning for our next visit.

  2. And we had a great time at the game. And we do love Kevin and Ashley. And Mark really enjoyed helping Kevin with the coop.